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my new start

2009-09-11 01:03:39 by flyhawk

Wiped the Acount clean becuz Gravey gave me some advertising so thanks 2 him
I will only post full compleet songs now so it may take a while to get 1

Ur Loyal DNB artist


MY good Faithfull People

2009-04-16 06:40:11 by flyhawk

well its going Awesome i got accepted into my new school still need to do the exam's though

i am mostly working on my homework right now (I got TONS of it)

and it keeps coming

well this is all

except that my good pal Gravey decide not to kill his account yay! and continue his chronicles Awesome!


Yup Back On Track

2009-02-18 18:11:04 by flyhawk

Its Going Great went out last night Clubbing with my Pal

And ran Across this BABE'S of course we watch our eyes fall out of there Sockets

Lucky we were seated and in the Crash Position(meaning beers at the ready!......FIRE!)

next thing we know (ore remembered) these Girls spot a table Straight across ours

They take a seat and give us a Simple Glance as if were Nothing but furniture

now for a while nothing happens me and my Pal are Easily taking in alcohol at a average Rate
of course the Girls took a seat that was Front row to a Show Going on some kind of Magic Show
(Really didn't care about)
Then all of a Sudden Some Fell of Stage and on there Table....(Drinks flying and Glass Shards to)
while I Realised that Some Piece of Glass Shot In My Thigh
I was more then Occupied with the Girl in front of me on the Ground In a Position that ill Never FORGET!
of Course with my kindness I offered her my Hand.
Now at first she Didn't even Fcking Notice(Half a Fcking Min Ignoring me)
She Noticed.....and looked at me strangely as if I were a ghost(Transparent Would be SO COOL!)
Then she Took my hand (Soft Hands BTW)

now while I was still sitting there was a Piece of Glass Between my Thigh and the Booth(those Couch thingies U find in Diners)

The Show was Still going on...
She seemed to want to watch it Badly(I Think she's a Fan)
I thought I would offer her a Seat in my Booth(my Pal Won't Mind)(Not that I Cared.....)
While I asked her She was Fast with her Reply Going for A simple "yes"


It Shot up My Thigh like a Bullet (FCK that Hurts)

While I did try to scoot over I wouldn't get any farther since the glass would go deeper
(besides the Fact that My Legs Hurt Like Hell (thank u very much) Tip:Wan't to Get sober Quick Stick a Piece of Glass up Ur Thigh...Worked For me)

But the Girls Obviously Did NOT notice Making her Sit on my Lap.....(OH! I would like to tell U about but I was Trashing since there was more Pressure on the Wound)

Of course the Girl Thought Something Bad of it....

She Lower her Hands so she Could Lift her Self off of me.............(In the End that Hurt the Most XD)

now while she Reached her Hands Downwards She Hit the Piece of Glass,Making it go deeper in to my Thigh (I am Still Recovering BTW)

While Trying Explain it to her I Gave up.........

I Trough her as Hard as I Could tot the Direction of the Free Space on booth i Offered Her I Sat up and Looked at the Wound (Which Stung and Burned Like a Bitch BTW)

Off Course the on Stage everbody stopped when they Hear a Girl Trashing (Hwo Know's Why (they get 5 Points + a Cookie)

So There I Stood Clenching my Thigh (Bleeding From the Leg)(Looked Pretty )(So Says my PAL)

The Girl Looked Around to see me Bleed............(I am Was 1 Finger away from Crying)

Of Course Being me and Nobody Else I Just Shouted into a Silent Bar
"Can Someone Call 911?"

but Still Being me I Can't Stand Blood Thank U........ I Fainted -_-

I Know Uncool...............-_-

Anyway my Pall and the Girl (because the felt Guilty I guess )

went to the hospital as well (my Pal Told BTW I was Still KO)

I Woke up with a Bandage on my Thigh (No Glass Thank God)

and a Piece of Paper in my Hand It Read

Call When U Wake up

hehe That's How I Met my GirlFriend

p.s. (phone numbers Fake)

Great Story and a Great Girl Friend Yup Definitely Back On Track

Its all goinig Lovely

2008-12-23 17:29:06 by flyhawk its sucks broke my finger a fhew weeks back and i still can't play on ma new keyboard


and of course on school things are getting Real busy with the exams cuming up so no real effort behind my music these days

I GOT HACKED!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-17 16:48:32 by flyhawk

ohhhh noes there go allll my VST's and instruments and welll i lost everthing DAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill kill that hacker!

Hello my first 2 newspost!

2008-10-11 13:14:19 by flyhawk

yo everybody working on a new phew loops got 2 new shortage versions done both got 0
5 Min s after submitted (DAM!) ...
any ways working on the finished version is gonna take some more time that and oh I need 2 get my new Vst's from a friend in the city then ill fix it
And check out my you tube account for inspiration I always find good stuff
+I found a very good tutorial on how 2 play sweet child of mine on the guitar
The Account

subject still 2 short dam this thing is annoying why is it 2 short man ill call my mammy after this!